Hear from Hills Indoor Sports owner Danny Bouzas regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic and it’s effect on Indoor Sports Centres Australia wide. We need you to share this video and get it out to as many people as possible.

Our industry has been decimated over the last 10 days with the full effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still to come for the indoor sports community. Over 130 centres have been forced to close their doors throughout Australia causing financial and emotional strain on owners, stakeholders, employees and players a like. We want you to know that together as an industry we will come out the other end but we’re going to need the help of you and every single person you know. Our centres are an important asset to the local community and once our industry is given clearance to reopen in due time we’re going to need your assistance in rebuilding our now shattered businesses.

We are staying positive on every level and we can’t wait to reopen and do what we do best.

Thank you in advance for sharing.

Sign the Petition today: https://tinyurl.com/qohot8u