About Us

We are a non-profit organisation operating across NSW since 1990. We represent both metropolitan and country centres who provide facilities for playing fast action indoor sports including Indoor Cricket, Indoor netball and Indoor soccer, dodgeball  and Volleyball.

We are also the governing body for regional and State level competitions in indoor cricket and Indoor netball including the BBI cricket and Superleague netball competitions. We have affiliations for Nationals bodies for Indoor Netball Australia and Indoor Cricket Australia


  • To effectively administer Indoor Sports in New South Wales.
  • To conduct State-Wide Superleague and Other Industry Leading Competitions.
  • To provide opportunities for the development of Administrators, Players, Officials, and Coaches.
  • To oversee the selection, preparation, and participation of all State Teams.
  • To promote and market Indoor Sports in New South Wales.
  • To seek funding and effectively administer the finances of Indoor Sports in New South Wales.
  • To ensure the fair and equitable opportunity for participation to all, regardless of race, age, sex, disability or location.
  • To support the development of Indoor Sport nationally through Cricket Australia and the Indoor Netball Federation of Australia.
  • To effectively represent Indoor Sports at the highest level throughout New South Wales.


  • To be recognized as the provider of quality customer-focused services to member centres, player members and the national bodies.
  • To maximise resources for the expansion of local and regional development.
  • To improve overall conduct, promotion and development of Indoor Sports at all levels across the state.
  • To provide clerical support to State and Regional Organisations.
  • To introduce greater risk management policies to Indoor Sports.
  • To encourage participation in Indoor Sports at the highest level.
  • To review existing competitions in line with the National Development Plan.
  • To maximise media opportunities and achieve increased sponsorship and funding.