Employment opportunity

St Marys Indoor Sports Centre and Inflatable World St Marys would like to announce we have two exciting employment opportunities.

Vacant Position 2- Sports Coordinator
Looking for someone who has an interest in sports, and is willing to coordinate a variety of sports.

• Good Casual Hourly Rate
• Customer Service experience preferred
• Must have RSA
• Must have First Aid Certificate
• Must Have working with children care check
• Hours/ Days – Sunday/Monday/Thursday/Friday evenings – Either 4 or 5:30 Start and 10pm finish
• Role- On Sunday and Monday nights coordinate the nights, you will be in charge of all customers and players, managing staff, closing up, Facebook posts. Thursday and Friday you will work the counter by taking team payments and registering players. You will work with one of our existing managers to be trained up on all aspects of the day to day running of the centre in the hope that you will take on future opportunities with us.

Please email your interest and resume to stmarys@nationalindoorsports.com.au