Hey all , going to need some HELP next FRIDAY & SATURDAY 17th & 18th
There will 31 teams competing , all teams to have 5 games as such games will start from 7am Friday go thru to about 6.00 Friday, start again Saturday at 7.00am , final general around 3
All games to be 6 a side 6 ball overs , approx 45 mins game time
So we need as many umpires as we can get, we also need help cooking bacon and eggs rolls for breakfast, then bar b q all sorts meat etc for lunch
Schools have told me the experience for any school aged umps it will be invaluable for their development so they can have a day off ?
Please comment re availability , if many hands = light work ,
Umps will be paid and the bar b q cooks will offset any costs relating to super
League cricket
Dan French, @brayth Stevenson Mat Skinner,Marty Jeffrey, Jeffrey Burrowes, Thomas Nelson, Josh Thomas, Peter Chev Spalding, Scott Lincoln, Tom Coady, Tom Atlee, matthew Knudson@mitch Lincoln
Justin Knudsen,@Phil James,@brock Larance, patty nelson

if any of you can think of others it is going to be very hectic