INNSW would like to congratulate all our teams on a fantastic tour

You have all represented INNSW brilliantly and we are incredibly proud of you. Your support and sportsmanship to our squad and others was second to none.

Congratulations to the 35 Ladies for bringing home silver in 6 a-side.

Extra special mention to the below athletes on there individual achievements.

Australian Allstars

30 Ladies
Kathryn Haynes
Erin Coughlan

Open Ladies
Tayla Black
Mela Natulagilagi

Open Men’s
Tristan Mc InTosh

30 ladies
Kathryn Haynes -6 aside 2nd in player of the Series.

Tayla Black -7 a side 2nd in player of Series

Tristan Mc Intosh – 6 a side 3rd in player of series.
7 a side Winner of player of the series

Kelly Dunn 6 a side 2nd in player of the series
Emma Dumbrill – 7 a side 3rd in player of series

Once again congratulations to everyone and can’t wait to see you all at Supernationals. 22-29 August 2020