Please be advised the Renegades Club have been sent the following details.

Please be advised that the committee have decided that in the best interest of all your current financial players that the Superleague committee will run the teams until the end of this season, this will be less disruption for your players and all other clubs involved.

Please send a list of all financial players and a team contact so we can discuss the plan going forward directly with them.

Please also note that the committee have been contacted by numerous players asking about the game fees they have paid up front for the entire season, this will be something you will need to sort with each player or team directly.
There may be some teams that do not wish to participate whilst this is disappointing we understand and respect their decision.

Once all team managers details & financial player details are provided, the committee will be arranging a meeting to discuss the remainder of the season and how it will work.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.