2020 Indoor Cricket National Championships

17 & Under Boys



    You're under the age of 18 and we need to grab some details from AT LEAST ONE of your parents.

    Do you have any previous representative experience through BBI/NICL or ISNSW State Teams?. Please confirm:

    Eligibility Confirmation

    Emergency Contact

    Health Care Details


    Medical History

    Do you suffer from any of the following?






    Sporting Injuries

    (type and area)

    Other Information


    1: All current ISNSW BBI & NICL players must have met qualification requirements before trials.

    a) Played in the 2019 BBI/NICL competition, be financial with their club and ISNSW.

    b) Any players who have not played in the 2019 BBI or NICL Competition and wish to nominate can do so, however this will need to be approved by the Indoor Sports NSW Board.

    2: All players who state their eligibility for a State Team, who are subsequently selected for that State Team and then withdraw from the announced team are subject to penalties as applied by the ISNSW Board. These penalties are dealt with by a case-by-case scenario but will range from loss of deposit to total suspension from any ISNSW event for twelve (12) months.

    3. On selection:

    a) You will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 to ISNSW within 2 weeks of the team selection to secure your position in the team. Failure to do so will mean immediate removal from the State Team.

    b) You may be required to attend a compulsory day which will involve the completion of all tournament paperwork as well as completion of uniform order.

    c) You will be required to attend ALL training sessions as set down by ISNSW Coaches. If for some unforeseeable circumstances you are unable to attend, notification must be made with your Coach or Manager prior to that training session. This then will be passed onto ISNSW Board.

    d) If three or more training sessions are missed, you will be asked to show good reason as to why you should not be removed from the team and face further action by the NSW Board (as above).

    DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE! There can be heavy traffic to join the ranks of Indoor Sports NSW!