Thank you for your patience over the past few days. As you are aware it has been a difficult week and hopefully with the process below the Grand Finals will run smoothly.

Main Points to know

Draw has been changed so we only have 2 games for each time slot. Attached is the NEW draw.
All Grand Finals will be 9 minute quarters.
Live Streaming Both Courts
Area restrictions at St Marys. We have broken the Centre into 3 areas. Staff from St Marys will be managing the flow of people into the correct areas. Please be understanding as they are just doing their job.

Area 1: Courts Inside – Only the Players that Qualify, 1 x Coach, 1 x First Aid, Club Coordinator are allowed inside. NO SPECTATORS will be allowed access. We are live streaming both courts so you won’t miss any of the action.
Area 2: Pre Game Area – While the previous game is on this is the area for players to meet prior to their game. Officials will allow you enter the Courts after the Previous game has finished and they moved to Area 3 – Presentation Area.
Area 3: Presentation Area – After the competition of your game, please move quickly with your belongings (please take all as you won’t be allowed back into the Court area) as the next game needs to start.

Finals Draw
Please see attached updated draw with teams listed. Please note, TIMES have Changed

Final Series Protocols

Sign ons
Sign ons will be facilitated on court by the SCORER. Please note, no players or spectators will be permitted upstairs at St Marys with the exception of 1 team representative who will pay the game fee upstairs.
Scorers will collect the scoreboard from the check in desk (upstairs at St Marys) prior to the start of the game
Scorers will take the board to the court & will remain with the board whilst all players sign on.
Only players listed on the scoresheet are eligible to take the court.
If a player’s name does not appear on the scoresheet, the board is to be taken to Camille by a Club representative & the umpire to check qualifications prior to the start of the game

Injury Time (bylaw 6.9)
Injury time will be played in the grand finals. It is only ever taken and played in the last quarter of the game. A maximum of thirty (30) seconds per player per injury. NB: This means only injury time called in the final quarter of the game, will be added to the end of the game. Scorers/timers will be responsible for adding the additional time & notifying the on court umpires when the game is finished.

Extra Time (bylaw 6.?
In the event a final or grand final game is drawn at the conclusion of regular time, teams will play a further 2 x 4 min intervals. The following procedure will apply:
Extra time consists of two halves of equal length, not exceeding 4 minutes each, with a half-time interval of 1 minute.
Teams change ends at half-time
The first centre pass in each half is taken by the team entitled to the next centre pass
In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, play will continue until one team leads by two goals

Qualifications remain as per the conclusion of Round 18.

If you intend to use a player qualified in a different grade for any Final, please send these details directly to Camille no later than Friday midday Camille will check the eligibility & qualification of the intended fill in & if approved, add to the scoresheet.

Late Arrivals
If a qualified player is known to be arriving late, Club Delegates are able to liaise with the Scorer to make note of this on the scoresheet. The late arriving player must sign on before taking the court. It is advisable to arrive 30 mins prior to your scheduled game to sign on.